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Milkweed plants will be available starting in December or January.  Call Lisa if interested in getting some at (760) 749-8723
July 19, 2013
One of the "porcupine" agave babies died.  The other is 4 inches tall at this stage and already has sharp little barbs on the ends of it's 6 leaves.  Picture to follow soon.
June 17, 2012
Your prez is still enjoying the "winter" tomatoes planted in her greenhouse last November.  They were late ripening (end of March) but have been producing for more than 2 months.  May have tomatoes thru 4th of July.  Her twelve "summer" plants are blooming and setting some fruit.  She will be in tomato heaven until the next winter planting.


10/25/12  I managed to get two seeds to sprout and have one-inch tall plants.  They look nothing like the mother at this point.  Now to keep the little darlings going.

I harvested seeds from the dried spike.  I will try to sprout some.  Stay tuned
I finally had to cut the spike down because it started leaning as it dried out.  I measured it and found that it was 18 feet tall.  It is covered with little seed pods that are shaped just like the ones you see on Japanese Iris.  I cut the spike into 5 pieces and layed it out to dry.  Hopefully some of the seed pods will dry out and be viable, so they can produce new plants.  Stay tuned.
The spike finally finished blooming.  Now I will wait for the spike and its seed pods to dry, then cut it down and harvest the pods.  I'll plant a few and see if they grow.  Stay tuned.
10/23/11 The spike is still growing.  It's up to 15 feet today.  Don't know what it's limit is.


9-28-11 (Above) The Agave Spike is now 13 feet tall.  The blooming area is about 10 inches tall and is slowly moving up the spike, like the New Years Ball in time square.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get to the top.  I found out this agave is one of the "non-dying" types and called "agave stricta."  So we may see it spike again in years to come.  Stay tuned.


9-2-11  (Below) Here's your president, two weeks ago, with a plant that grew this 6 foot spike in less than a week!  What's the plant?  I think it's some kind of an Agave and will most likely die when the bloom is finished.  Too bad.  I hope it makes some pups on it spike because it has never made any off the plant itself.  (Above) The spike today (9-16-11) is over ten feet tall.  I'll keep you posted on its progression


Cuttings Available: Call or email Lisa Lonsdale at 749-8723 (ldlonsdale4@gmail.com)

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.